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The Drill Team is a disciplined and coordinated unit focusing on military-style marching and precision maneuvers. Comprising dedicated cadets, the team practices rigorously to master intricate formations and flawless execution. Their performances often involve synchronized movements, rifle handling, and flag displays. Beyond the technical aspects, the drill team cultivates teamwork, attention to detail, and leadership skills among its members. Through rigorous training and practice, these students showcase their precision and synchronization at school events, competitions, and parades, exemplifying the commitment and professionalism of a military-style drill unit.


Written by William Kieffer

Our Color Guard team is a respected unit within the program that upholds the honor and tradition of military ceremonies. Comprising dedicated cadets, the color guard practices meticulously to present the American flag and other flags with precision and respect. Beyond the technical aspects, the JROTC color guard instills values such as discipline, teamwork, and attention to detail in its members. These cadets demonstrate their commitment to upholding the JROTC’s program principles and proudly representing their school during flag presentations, parades, athletic events and special ceremonies.

Written by William Kieffer

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