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meet our staff!

B-C Battalion Commander

cadet lieutenant colonel 

I started JROTC  journey in sophomore year of high school, this is my final year here. I have been the captain of drill/ color ground team and as well the academics teams. I am also involved with the Physical training team. Being on all of these teams has given me time to hone on my leadership skills and memories that will last a life time. As Battlion Commander, it is my job to ensure that the staff chain of command is effective. I hold the responsibility to make sure all events are properly planned by the staff,  coordinated and executive correctly.

xo executive officer

cadet major

My name is Bailey Voight, and I’m the Battalion Executive Officer (XO). As the XO, it’s my job to keep the staff on track. I'll be going into my fourth year of JROTC, and I have been participating in JLAB for 2 years, PT team, and the Marksmanship team for 3 years. I have participated in the PT nationals 3 times in Daytona Beach, Florida. This year I’m the Captain of the Marksmanship team.

CSm/command sergeant                                         major

cadet CSM

My name is William Kieffer, and I have been in JROTC for Almost

four years. During this time, I have been on multiple teams, including PT,

Academics, Drill, Colorguard, And Armed Exhibition. Some of which

competed at the national level. This year, I aim to lead our group to

nationals for the fourth year and grow our battalion numbers.

S-1 adjutant officer

cadet captain

I’m the battalion adjutant officer also known as the S-1. I am in charge of the battalion's records and personnel files and have been in JROTC for three years. I am a member of the Alamo Heights unarmed drill team and the color guard team. After high school I plan on going to college to become a therapist then go into supervised practice then move on into my own private practice.

s-2 recruiting & security

cadet captain

My name is Cole Butler, I am the S-2 I’m in charge of security and recruiting. I have been in JROTC all four years, I’ve been in PT for four years and we have won twice and we are going to win again this year. I run social media and help out our S-5 with pictures and videos.

cadet Major

s-3 operations & training

My name is Feliciano Luna III, I'm the Battalion Operations and Training Officer known as the S-3. I've been in JROTC for 3 and a half years, Since then I've done PT for 2 years and Drill/Color Guard for a year. I've competed in many competitions including the Annual National JROTC Competitions in Daytona, Florida and have been a part of the Overall National Champions twice and the Pull-Ups National Champions once. I've had a lot of fun and built up confidence and leadership thanks to this program.

s-4 logistics officer

cadet captain

My name is Aden Medina, Im the Cadet Battalion Supply Officer also know as the S-4. ive been in JROTC for four year and this going to be my last year here. I didnt really do that many teams however i did do cyber for good while and i did many activities/events during my time in JROTC. My duties as the S-4 is responsible for the maintenance of equipment , clothing, records and the issue and turn-in of all equipment and clothing.


s-5 public affair officer

cadet captain

My name is Peter Wright, and I am the battalion Public Affairs Officer, also known as the S-5. I have been in JROTC for 2 years and participate on the Drill and the leadership/academics team.My job as the S-5 is to take pictures of JROTC events, update JROTC websites, post information about upcoming events, keep up our social media presence and much more.I am honored to be on staff as a sophomore, and I look forward to the future of our program 

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